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DGF—□□□□Frequency Converter

DGF frequency converter is a main line of our DG series rail type instruments for preceding stage processing, and it is the crystallization of our rich experience in development and manufacturing of various type of frequency converters, and the latest technologies introduced from renowned foreign companies.

DGF frequency converter is a compact guide rail type instrument. It features compactness, low weight, cute appearance, and it can be flexibly and conveniently mounted.

DGF frequency converter is characterized by compact construction, high accuracy and low temperature drift, through using high performance modular circuit design and advanced SMT technology. Its reliability is remarkably enhanced, by isolating input, output and power supply from each other through optoelectronic isolation.

During mounting or power distribution, the electrified DGW frequency converter can be plugged and replaced, by which means the maintainability greatly improved.

The main function of DGF frequency converter is to convert the 1~5(10) frequency input signal into the mutually isolated standard output signal of 1~5Vd.c. or 4~20mAd.c.. It also can select the RS485 communication according to requirements. It is used for indicator, recorder, data collector regulator or the distributed control system so as to make up of the various industrial automatic control system or the monitoring system. It is also widely used in the process control system of petroleum, metallurgy, chemical industry, power station, etc.